Christina Vantzou + CC Carana (SOLD OUT)

Thursday, August 8th
Two Seatings, 7pm and 9:30pm
$80, includes 5-course dinner + drinks + gratuity + SHOW
Both seatings are SOLD OUT.

Christina Vantzou will debut new compositions from her upcoming second album, Nº2 , with a string and harp ensemble, including:
Clarice Jensen (cello – ACME/yMusic)
Keats Dieffenbach (violin – ACME)
Nadia Sirota (viola  – ACME/yMusic)
Margaret Mackenzie (harp).


In 2003, Christina met Stars of the Lid’s Adam Wiltzie and together they formed The Dead Texan. After several years of touring together and a stint as a touring member of Sparklehorse’s band, Christina started making music of her own.

Over a three-year period, using synthesizers, samples, her own voice, and a homemade library of orchestral samples, Christina meticulously pieced together a 45-minute music composition by ear (i.e. without any formal training), aided only by computer software.

In 2010 she began working with Minna Choi (director of Magik*Magik orchestra in San Francisco), who translated the digital score to sheet music for a seven-piece ensemble. This collaboration culminated in recording sessions with Magik*Magik at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco. The album was mixed and mastered in Brussels and later released on Chicago’s famed Kranky on October 24, 2011. Titled Nº1, it was the first installment of a planned series of recordings with an orchestral component. As a whole, Nº1 included the release of a CD, a film, and a selection of remixes by various artists. Nº2 is due for release later this year.

Vantzou will also provide 4-screen visuals to accompany her performance.

CC Carana sounds like something from your past that you’re finally catching up to. You might hear Nashville Skyline-era Dylan or George Jones. You might hear Jon Lee Hooker or Townes Van Zandt. But really you’re hearing one of the finer voices in our low country. Haunted is too unoriginal a word. His music is the soundtrack to an uncompleted David Lynch film produced by Jodorowsky, that maybe we can see together one day.